Veteran Barn Door Project

Through the use of therapeutic horseback riding equine trainers are using horses to reach people with special needs like many veterans with PTSD and TBI’s. It is known that the connection between horse and rider builds trust and with the proper instruction both balance and trust can help heal the mind.

The Veteran Barn Door Project is committed to bringing that balance and trust through horse therapy. Their mission is to provide the structure and the services through equine activities that can support the healing process for PTSD.

It was on an icy Vermont morning I went out to meet Steven DePalma and his two Veteran participants. I quietly watched and recorded their development from stoic warriors to students, and witnessed a true transformation in their openness and ability to connect with the horses, and one-another. I happily support and strongly advocate the Veteran Barn Door Project, since it addresses a extremely important and relevant social issue, and I have watched it work first hand. If you would like to learn more, please visit their website right now at