"I just tasted something really delicious." said @beetlebungfarm 's Chris Fischer, decked out in waders. He was holding a pinch of seaweed in one hand and the wooden handle of a small blade in the other. As we had walked down the beach he would pause to dip his hand in the tide and pull out morsels of the reddish veggie, literally tasting his way towards the best specimens. Chris has a beyond exceptional understanding for foraging and farming on the island and was doing so that day in preparation for tomorrow's #MorrellSalon dinner, hosted by @thelovage @deandeluca &@prince_street_

Down a quiet deer path, a gentile brook tumbles into a grove overgrown. Through the rusty leaves pop little emerald sprigs of flavor. What once could have been a little swimming hole for a quick dip is now chef-author-farmer Chris Fischers ( @beetlebungfarm ) secret watercress spot. This harvest of the spicy green will be shared tonight at the #MorrellSalon dinner, hosted by @thelovage @deandeluca & @prince_street_ - enjoy!

Vongole! Experience an alchemical cooking experience with the Salvatores.