Project Bon Voyage


A 12 minute classic psychological thriller enhanced with free attention narratives creates a capturing example of what the 360 film media can accomplish with design,  performance, and storytelling. 


Color :  There will be careful consideration of color in regards to the character Jenny. The intention of this consideration is in effort to have her portray a crucial part of the story even though she never has a physical character screen time. It's a light pink or salmon color, displayed on her nail polish, suitcase, the color she wears in the side-table photograph, the case color of her cellphone, and the color of the heart on the pillow in which Greg rests upon during his time on the sofa. 

Fields of view: Viewers should never really be able to look away from Jenny. The suitcase should remain in the foot of the shot, and to the right, the prominent picture. Must see into the kitchen to see sink area, where Geoff hides the phone and sheets. Only need to see a sliver into the bedroom. Foreshortening in the set to get a better appearance of the suitcase, the photograph etc. Tight cast choreography due to the 'oner' nature of the shot, especially during plot-point positioning. Static camera at about 1.5m so viewer can see down the facade of the building and street, while still seeing at least 200 degrees interior. 

Lighting: LCD ambient/control placed at hidden open set seam above window, and in hidden break of ceiling directed towards far apt. wall for maximum control/minimization of shadows. Alternatively, attention-based lighting, individual LCD'd spot-illuminating plot point conversations through a faux ceiling.

Ambisonics: Must be able to select the important conversations and highlight them. Not only bring the up in an audio mix, but place them purposefully in the viewers field of attention.

Viewer Control: Viewer control/playback will be located on the ceiling 70-85 degrees above camera location. 


Casting Considerations:


Thanks for your attention. Ideally this film generates interest in creating a anthology style series for 360 films. I chose horror/thriller genre because it is the strongest (as far as population) access point towards 360 video device use and viewership.  Feedback and questions are very welcome and are accepted through my e-mail: Thanks again. - c