AR / VR / MR

Spec Projects

The red hook Criterium

While demonstrating the use of emerging creative and capture technology, I wanted to find a better way to watch criterium cycle racing that can engage fans, and bring them closer to all aspects of the race. Specifically, using the existing aesthetics of the Red Hook Crit and its properties, design LatLong flats for a Mixed Reality interface and experience where viewers can explore the courses and event statistics in ‘real’ time.

This was an exercise in designing for MR (mixed reality) concepts and an exploration of headset user experiences. It was a good introduction to wrapping my head around design problems and processes for this media. I approached several producers of this style of content, to gain insights into its design and ultimately its marketability with good results.

For a first dive into the world of mixed reality content, I found the exercise to be a complete success. I got great new skills, as well as constructive feedback on its presentation and implementation. The questions for now and the future are: How to get clients to buy it, and more importantly, people to use it? - To learn more, and to view the presentation in full, click the link below. 


Project Bon Voyage

While thinking about content creation for VR, I thought it best to exercise in a 360 film adaptation. I sketched up some sets and scripts based on Hitchcock's “Rope”, and It gave me the opportunity to consider dialogue and set constraints, as well as the function of free-attention viewing as it pertains to a set staging and the narrative itself. I wanted to create a feeling that a “flatty” couldn’t, and the result is a suspenseful script and considerations for a twelve-minute film, the first of a series of five.The way of getting around the timing and choreography of this story was more akin to stage writing vs. film. Essentially it became a practice of writing a cohesive oner, where not only the actors' performances led the narrative, but cues in the set and sound design became paramount to guiding the viewer's attention through the story. - To learn more, or to read the script click through the link below. 

Project quarterback

I sit browsing Netflix in on the couch when I notice my blue banners just appeared flying over the kitchen table. Nate must have gotten home from work and made a move. He walked right into my gambit, just one move of my knight to checkmate. I pop up and walk around the table, admiring my pawns custom shields and halberds, standing tall in formation and swaying with anticipation.

As if he knew my gaze was upon him, one thumps his spear to the ground soundly to show his merit. With a simple gesture I initiate my move selecting my knight, a burly mounted paladin, and position him to checkmate. He rides confidently to place, then gallops to the King, sinking his axe into the massive opponent, and disintegrating him to tiny pixels in the wind. With a victorious fist pump from my knight the W is confirmed, and Nate sends over a rematch request.

The next game begins as elegantly as ever, with a single majestic deer crossing my empty kitchen table. He timidly reaches the center, and at once from beneath him radiates the field of war. A square clearing of short green grass surrounded by gently sloping pasture and cat-o-nine-tails, peppered with rocks and ruins. As the field finishes its manifestation, A noise alerts the deer, and it bounds quickly off the stage, dematerializing like the vanquished king. As soon as it makes its exit, the opposing armies march onto the field in a v formation, taking their lines on the square clearing. The game has begun.

Project Quarterback is a mission statement, wireframes, and creative manual for an augmented reality chess application aimed primarily at the Microsoft Holo lens. Ideally this working document will become the framework, and motion capture script for the development of the application. This presentation is locked, please let me know if you would like to view it.